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encompasses the geographical region of the world where the Oceania line of vessel is built (New Zealand).  Oceania is often defined by its independence, opportunity, resourcefulness, quality of life, and exotic adventure.


To deliver a unique line of motor yachts that harmoniously blend beauty, speed, comfort, efficiency, safety, and capability.

Vessels that allow opportunity to make quick and easy work of significant coastal passages, opening up your horizons to other cultures and seasons.

Vessels for those that desire to go far beyond the limitations, boundaries, and compromises that most vessels inherently come up against. Vessels able to take you as far as you desire.

To combine unmatched speed, comfort, efficiency, safety, and capability – into vessels that are super tough, yet soft on the eye.

The Oceania line is equally suited for those wanting a better vessel for coastal holiday adventure, as well as those looking for the most livable vessel that allows them to explore the entire globe.


Our collaboration with renowned designer and Naval Architect Nigel Irens and his team brought to life in near perfect way, the thoughts and ideas that had been developing amongst the crew at Kooldjak for many years.

While Nigel and team worked to ensure the goals of speed, comfort, and efficiency were wrapped into the best aesthetic package, the crew at Kooldjak brought their extensive experience with systems, focus of safety and capability at sea, and a passion to create a ground breaking design for the adventurous at heart.


The Oceania line is built in aluminum.  It is the preferred and proven medium in which to build an all oceans capable vessel that is tough, light, low maintenance, cost effective, and long lived.

Building high quality, low volume vessels while meeting the expectations and demands of our owners, demands aluminum.  Aluminum allows for slight changes to meet specific client needs from hull to hull.

All vessels in our Oceania line are designed and built to the rigorous demands of DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas / Germanischer Lloyd).

Creating the structure and systems to ensure the vessel has the easiest exterior and interior to own and maintain is extremely important to the design.  The entire team has gone to great lengths throughout the process, to ensure one of the most durable maintenance free vessel available.

In the right hands, i.e. CIRCA MARINE – aluminum construction can attain a level of beauty and elegant purpose that mitigates the need for filler and paint.  The Oceania line of vessels standard finish is bare topsides with painted and finished deck and house structure.  This provides a tough, durable, and low maintenance hull, while allowing a softer, more elegant deck, house, and living areas.  Full painted finish is available.


Kooldjak and our builder Circa Marine go to great lengths to ensure client confidence in the immediate and long-term decision to own a vessel that we are involved with bringing to life.  We are experienced, proficient, and highly capable at helping a client through the entire process of decision-making, construction, delivery, and ownership of their Oceania.


The Oceania line of vessels can take you just about anywhere there is navigable water on the planet.  At the end of the day, the destination is as much about getting there safely and comfortably while experiencing life more fully along the way.

With preferred delivery at the yard in New Zealand, it is the perfect starting point for adventure.  However, wherever you chose to take delivery or desire to go, a highly capable and proven team will be looking out for and supporting your adventure.

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