Why Kooldjak?

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is black swan in the Noongar language, an indigenous people located in southwest Australia where Europeans first saw a black swan. Kooldjak vessels are as impressive and memorable as their namesake.

Why Kooldjak?

Our affinity with Kooldjak (black swan) is defined in two desirable attributes:

1. Kooldjak endeavors to design and build vessels, that though rare, are beautiful, functional, and once realizing they exist and what they represent, make other options much less attractive.

2. Black Swan Theory and its relationship to building robustness against Black Swan Events, best defines the Kooldjak approach and effort put into every design detail. The sea can be an unforgiving environment and we have experienced its various personalities first hand.  In order to ensure enjoyable cruising and life aboard, it is important for the designer and builder to look beyond the normal or expected and anticipate and build for the unexpected – a Black Swan Event.

Our Boats.

Starting with the Oceania 75, Kooldjak is committed to vessels that impart freedom to their owners.

Freedom to go wherever their compass may lead them; Freedom to be independent of the crowds; Freedom from complexity and overbearing maintenance; Freedom from the homogeneous plastic floating gin palaces that populate the worlds marinas.

Kooldjak is about providing the best platform so that an owner has the Freedom to pursue their dream.

Our Story.

The Kooldjak team has spent the past twenty-five years in ownership, partnership, and management of businesses focused near exclusively on the cruising boater and passage maker.  We have sailed and powered on and across many oceans.  We have raced, cruised, fished, navigated, stood watch, made repairs, and lived for weeks at sea.

From 2007 to 2015 we were partners with the legendary Steve Dashew, helping bring to life and ensure the success of the FPB line of motor yachts, built in New Zealand by Circa Marine.

In 2016 we entered into collaboration with the renowned U.K. design and Naval Architect firm of Nigel Irens – to bring about our latest vision of what a cruising and passage making vessel can and should be.  Nigel and teams experience with highly efficient and seaworthy vessels has built a reputation on amazing results, including the power boat Cable & Wireless Adventure, which in 1998 became the first boat to circumnavigate in less than the 80 days of Jules Verne’s classic novel, the sailboat B&Q, which Ellen MacArthur sailed singlehanded non-stop to set record for fastest circumnavigation in 2005, a series of highly efficient low displacement to length (LDL) motor yachts, along with other record setting and notable designs.

In late 2017 we entered into agreement with builder Circa Marine of New Zealand for constructing the Kooldjak Oceania line of vessels.  We are thrilled to once again work with owner Bruce Farrand and his team, as this partnership builds upon the proven accomplishments and capabilities of a relationship established during our involvement with the FPB program, one that proved that together we could deliver world-class vessels while ensuring value for the owners.

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